The movement of life ~

I am constantly amazed at the movement of life. Understanding that in life, nothing can go wrong, it is a constant movement of sorting and sifting through life. Life, in each moment is asking you, “Do you want some of this?” You get to choose “Yes, more of this please or no, I will look to something else.” When you find something you do want within your life, find anyway to milk that moment, write or think of all of the wonderful aspects of that moment. When you come across anything that you do not want, that does not serve you or does not feel good, simply turn your attention to what it is you do want.

We were not meant to live a life of constant struggle, a life full of angst, hardship, or guilt. We are here to hone all of our desires and wants, picking and choosing from all that life has to offer, enjoying the constant state of motion life calls us towards. It is fine tuning or clarifying that which makes you feel wonderful when you focus upon it. So, sit back and enjoy the ride of your life ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~






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