Pushing Against ~

Many believe ~ when something comes into your experience that you do not want, you dislike or you see as injustice against yourself or another………if you push against it really hard, if you protest it, you blog about it, if you get everyone to agree with you, you post it on Facebook ;0) to show everyone how awful the injustice of it is and you warn everyone about it, it will go away or something will be done about it. Yet the more you push against anything, the more negative emotion you will feel within your being.

When we live in an attraction based Universe as we do, which means like attracts like, as you focus upon anything, wanted or unwanted, it becomes bigger. We are powerful creators, more powerful than many of us are aware. When we give our attention to anything, we create more of that. Many people actually create by default because they are not aware of this powerful law of like attracting like. Law of attraction brings them more evidence of their beliefs and they yell out, “See, I told you it is getting worse!” or “See, I told you that bad thing (whatever it is) would happen!” You get what you think about or believe, whether you want it or not. When you come across something you do not want, or do not like, in that moment you will feel a negative emotion which will vary depending on your personal perspective, from annoyance to despair. Observe for a moment what it is you do not like to give yourself clarity and then ask yourself what it is I do want? As you find what it is you do want, you then want to turn your undivided attention to your new-found desire and begin to look for evidence of your new desire.

When you push against anything, it feels like you are trying to push a brick wall. When you look toward your new-found desire, you can feel the ease come over your entire being ~



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  1. Thanks for your words of clarity – my own ‘pushing’ meant I had to read your post twice to allow myself to comprehend your wisdom. I think I finally got it, but, we shall see.

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