You do not need to know why ~

Everything happens for a reason. It may have taken me a while to ‘get this’ and I may still forget while I am in the thick of a new experience but with each end result I can see with clarity, why something has taken place.

When Connor was diagnosed with Autism in 2001, I could not understand why a perfectly healthy baby for the first two years of his life, would develop Autism? Over the past decade, I have made a transformation that has been an exceptional life experience that cannot be accurately  described with words. As dark as those early days of Autism were, I can say I would gladly walk through that time once again to BE where I am today, emotionally and spiritually.

During those early days I questioned everything, yet today I can see the beauty of that time in my life. I can see the gift, yes, the absolute GIFT of Autism. What do I know for certain? I did not need to know why it was happening, nor could I see it from my perspective at that time. As I made the decision to live my life in joy regardless of what was taking place within my life, on purpose, focusing on the positives within my own life, as I did the inner work and continue doing inner work, getting to know who I really am, the core of my being, life has become more magnificent than I could have ever imagined. It can be and is supposed to be for each and every one of us ~


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  1. Thanks for sharing all of this. Connie

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