What’s with Negative Emotion?

Do you sometimes wish negative emotion would just go away? You think, it would be so wonderful if things could just go smoothly all the time. No more discomfort, no more sadness. No more stress, no more chasing our tails. Just living life happily ever after, get rid of the negative stuff and I will be happy, happy, happy.

I used to wish someone would banish all negative emotion, especially depression which I had so severely at one time, death sounded like the relief I was looking for. I knew then I did not want to leave my darling husband and these precious children of ours. I recognized what I was really looking for was relief from the discomfort, pain and negative emotion that was suffocating me. The more I studied about law of attraction, the laws of the universe and the art of allowing, from many teachers and mentors, I became very aware that life without the ups and downs would get boring pretty fast. I came to understand, without contrast, there is no summoning of life from within. There wouldn’t be any clarity for all desires. Whenever you know what you do not want, you always know more clearly what you do want. The only reason we desire anything at all is because we want to feel better. A new job? So I can feel better. More money? So I can feel better. A new partner? So I can feel better.

Without contrast, we would not know what our desires are. Many approach life from the perspective ~ Show me what I want and then I will feel better. Creating the life experience you desire does not come about in that way. If you can find any way to feel better now, life will begin to show you all that you desire from within. Embrace negative emotion for the clarity it offers you. Once you have your new-found desire, turn your undivided attention on it. Then look for evidence of it showing up in your experience.


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