Desires that are not showing up?

Deliberately creating our lives is an art. For some it may come easy because they have not developed, over their lifetime, resistance to allowing their desires to come to them easily. They are those in our lives we see as having everything, the lucky ones, born to the right families, some may question, ‘why don’t they share their good fortune with me?

Have you ever been looking for something and decide you will just have to go out and purchase a new one? As soon as you do, you find the original item you were looking for in a place you know you looked for this item ten or twenty times and did not see it. We have all heard the stories of those who desire having a child so much and cannot get pregnant naturally. They make the deliberate choice to ‘stop trying’ and adopt a child. They adopt a child and find out they are pregnant with a child of their own.

When we have a desire, we put that intention out into the Universe and if we were to simply forget about that new desire, it would come to us quickly via Law of Attraction. Many human beings get hung up in all of the details of how and when that desire will come to fruition. In the worry, concern, the perpetuation of focusing on the details, concerns, how and when their desire will come to them, they are actually creating resistance in their vibration concerning that desire and pushing the desire away. If you have something you have desired for a long time, you have put so many magnificent details into that desire and now, if you can find anything else that will distract you from thinking about that desire, it will come to you quickly. In the ‘Art of Allowing’ as described by Abraham-Hicks, if we can do whatever we can to simply enjoy ourselves, taking a walk, going to a movie, walking on the beach, taking a bath, making love, getting a massage, anything at all that can distract ourselves with pure pleasure, enjoying the moments of our lives……our desire will manifest quickly. We were not meant to fuss and worry as many generations have perpetuated. You can change that cycle for yourself as soon as this moment right now and watch as the Universe knocks itself out just for you ~



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