Are you happy?

It is my personal perspective that we are connected to each other, individually and collectively, especially those you are with frequently. Our children, specifically, those diagnosed with Autism have the gift of being mirrors or reflecting back to us with great clarity, what we have going on within. I am amazed at how often, especially most recently, when I think of something that is of worry, frustration, or just a moment of feeling grumpy, Connor will say to me, “Mom, are you happy?” or “Mom, you make me happy!” He is becoming my gentle reminder to refocus my thoughts when I think something that does not serve me. This has been something I have personally been aware of for many years. Focusing on the positives within my life, shifting my focus when something may come about that does not serve me, allowing what does not feel good as I ponder it, to simply fall away with ease and love.

As time has gone on, the subtle negative emotion that may come about for me, Connor is able to pick those up those subtle vibrations more easily than I do. He is giving me instant, loving, gentle reminders to refocus my thoughts.

It feels to me as though, this is the time to begin finding ease within our innermost selves. Whenever you become aware of feeling negative emotion, find any way to shift your thoughts, finding the ease, the love, the joy, the smile within your life. You may need to make the choice within the moment, if it involves another person, Do I want to feel good or do I want to be correct? Only you can make that distinction for yourself. Only you can make the decision if you desire feeling better or not. A subtle shift within your thoughts makes all the difference in your world.


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