Love has taken over ~

Love and Compassion has changed my life for the magnificent ~ We have a dear friend who uses the mantra “Love has Taken Over”, words to live by! ;0)

Many live a life with some love and some discomfort relating to those who have, from their perspective, hurt them or treated them unjustly. When you hold onto negative emotion towards another, it does not hurt them, it only hurts you. Are you able to set forth an intention to love everyone you come into contact with? It is a question worth asking yourself, authentically, just for you. When you are able to love all, including the rascals within your life, whomever they may be, you will open up unlimited possibilities within your own life. It does not mean you need to put up with or excuse anyone for their bad behavior or continue to have them within your life experience but it does mean that you can accept for yourself, not everyone will see life through your perspective and that is OK. It is about you, giving them permission to live life as they see fit, allowing them to thrive in whatever way is comfortable for them. In doing so, you will thrive beyond your wildest dreams ~


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