Living the Language of Emotion ~

Being the magnificent humans we are, we have all had moments in life when someone would speak to you and you could feel, what they were saying and what you were feeling, were not quite a match. They may have been purposefully lying, or maybe they were simply expressing their perspective and it did not sit well within you.

There is an evolution going on within each of us, we are becoming more in-tune with our innermost being. There was a time within my life, I felt like a leaf in the wind, not knowing who was right, what the best way to live was, or the most appropriate way to live. It felt as if, once I thought I found the best way, someone else would express their discomfort over what I was doing, adding more confusion to my belief system. I thought the best way to live my life, was to do what others thought was appropriate.

When we have a problem, no matter what it is, an equal or equivalent solution is born. When our son Connor was diagnosed with Autism, I had a powerful desire to find ‘our’ path. I needed to know what the best direction was for our family and I recognized soon after his diagnosis, what others found appropriate for their families, did not sit well for our family. I was not willing to continue to try and struggle to change who this child was, for me that was pushing against, rowing upstream and simply did not feel good. I was not aware at that time that my emotions were my guidance, but I am so glad I listened from within.

We have all had those defining moments within our lives. Through that powerful contrast I began understanding, my emotions are my guide to the best course or direction to living a life of happiness and contentment. When I have followed the idea of finding what feels best from within, using my emotions to guide me, to lead me, I always make a decision that feels best from within, allowing ease within my life. Being wonderfully human there are times I do not follow my inner guidance and I can always feel from the discomfort, I have deviated from my emotional guidance. The Universe or that which I call God allows u-turns. We have this guide or indicator within each of us. As we begin to use the power of our emotions guiding us rather than using the opinions of others on all touchstones within our lives, we are able to live a truly fulfilling life ~



  1. Reblogged this on traciecarlos and commented:

    Still true, ever-evolving.

  2. karenwilliams538171610

    So true! So many of us can identify with that “leaf in the wind” sensation that we had before learning that our own emotional guidance is precise, perfect, and always on duty! 🙂

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