All McDonald’s are the same……right?

For the longest time, Connor did not want to go to a specific McDonald’s, which was frustrating for me because the chicken nuggets are the same and the packaging is the same, according to me….In fact, even if he was not in the car when I purchased them, he would not eat them when I brought them home. The other McDonald’s was on the other side of town and not nearly as convenient. However, the McDonald’s closer to us was an older McDonald’s and I did not realize they were planning on tearing it down to rebuild a new one. Many people were losing their jobs due to the several months it would be under construction, so the emotion or energy coming from those who were making the food, bagging and handing us the food ‘put’ that emotion (whether they were aware of it or not) of losing their job into the food that is exactly the same as any other McDonald’s, yet it was a little bit different because of the worry, concern and maybe even anger they were experiencing about losing their jobs. Well, the new McDonald’s just opened up and guess what? Connor does not mind the nuggets from this McDonald’s, same location, same owner, etc. But the energy from those making the food to handing it to us, is completely different.

I realize we all have so much going on within our lives and it is not my intention to add to that concern of yours but to simply offer a new way of looking at our brilliant children. What I would love for you to gather from this story about Connor and his love for McDonald’s is, when our children appear to not like something specifically, take that moment to see if maybe it is not the actual object they are rejecting but quite possibly the emotion the object creates within them. Our children are teaching us this language of emotion is fast becoming a top priority. It isn’t our words they hear from us, it is the emotion behind our words. It isn’t the object or item they are reacting to but quite possibly the emotion coming from the person giving it to them. We are on a magnificent journey, simply open your mind just a little bit and this child, our children will continue to rock our worlds for the magnificent ~


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  1. Lisa

    I think you may have hit the nail on the head with this one. My son does things like this often. He is 11 and was diagnosed early (thank God) with ASD. This is our first year of Middle school. What a trial. He definitely can feel the different energy, the lack of tolerance, the spiking hormones in this new school. It has been so hard for all of us.

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