You have complete control ~

Many believe life simply happens to them and they do not have any control over what happens to them. Some think, bad things happen and I have to live with it.

This is illusion friends ~

While it is true certain things can and will happen within your life that are out of your control, you do have full and complete control in how you react and shifting your emotions thereafter to a better feeling place. Like anything else, it will take practice to be able to effectively shift your thoughts so you can feel better within your emotions. We came forth to live this magnificent life as a human being for the expansion that would come about for us and for all that is, this includes circumstances that may not feel good to you. Without a problem, there can be no solution, without discomfort, there isn’t comfort, without contrast we do not have the pleasure of finding clarity.

When we are able to embrace contrast as it comes into our lives and begin to shift how we feel about it, knowing that contrast is the opportunity for birthing more, allowing more wonderful experiences to come into your life, for life to feel more and more wonderful and the key is for you to feel better in any way you can and shift your thoughts so you can feel better when you ponder this new-found contrast……you now understand you have complete control over your own life and you are able to purposefully create a magnificent life ~ You do have complete control ~


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