Your Emotion is a Manifestation

When you think about what a manifestation is, what comes to your mind first? The only reason we desire anything to come to us within our lives is because, we believe….once we have it, the new house, the new car, the new lover, a lot of money, we believe once we have those things we will feel better. So many believe that what they can purchase is a manifestation and certainly the things you can hold, drive, live in and purchase are manifestations but you have another manifestation that comes first before anything else. The manifestation one should focus on predominately is your emotion ~ Our Emotions are a manifestation ~ When you are happy, your happiness is a manifestation of how you are feeling. When you are sad or upset, whatever the emotion, it is a manifestation of how you are feeling in the moment, not the circumstance that brought you to that place.

When someone makes you laugh, law of attraction brought you to a place where your emotion matched or rendezvoused with someone who brought you even more joy in the moment, not the other way around like so many believe.

When you are able to bring yourself to a place where you are feeling love and appreciation more often, that is a manifestation where you are able to begin to sense a feeling of well-being more often. Focusing on an emotion that feels good, that feels wonderful, that is indescribable is what we should all be focusing on. In reaching for, finding and basking in the emotion of love, appreciation, bliss or any other delicious emotion, when you find that feeling place consistently, not only do you feel magnificent more often, your mind feels clear, your body feels wonderful, you feel content and all of those other physical manifestations you desire begin pouring into your life ~ So, let’s focus on reaching for love and appreciation first and foremost and then, we will allow all other blissful adventures to flow into our lives ~



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