Is your life waiting for you?

“I had to give up the life I planned, to live the life that was waiting for me” ~ Bobby Cory

I first heard those words yesterday and I had to close my eyes and ‘sit’ with those words as I felt them ripple through my body. A clear indication for me that they resonated deeply within. They describe so accurately and beautifully exactly what I felt when I began to purposefully release what I thought my life should look like for the life that was waiting for me. After Connor’s diagnosis with autism, I tried so hard to hold onto what I had dreamed for my life, what my darling husband and I had dreamed of for our life together and for our family. Autism did not have a place in our dreams….. or so I thought. Today, I cannot imagine being the woman, wife and mother I am today if it hadn’t been for autism and all three of our children.

Sometimes we hold onto a dream for our life even when it becomes increasingly difficult for us to live life. We hold on so tightly we cannot lift our heads long enough to see what is waiting for us if we would simply loosen our grip on our dream that has not come to fruition. When you begin to struggle to hold together what you believe should be happening, find any way to lift your head to see if there is something else calling to you. Life should not be about struggle and the magnificent life we are wanting is simply waiting for us, the last holdouts, to show up for the party.



  1. Thank you for sharing Tracy! This is Truth! I cannot imagine either my life without Miguel! Sometimes not easy to accept, all the quests we are on… but always a blessing. After the storm.. comes the AHA of the blessing! Loves!

    • I appreciate this journey we are on ~

  2. I look forward to more of your writings. As a mother of an 18 year old son who is undiagnosed but has Autistic tendencies, I completely understood what you were writing. I recently hired a life coach and that has brought me to an even better place of acceptance as to what my role as been in life. I have felt the constant conundrum of what my life was supposed to be and what I have been given. Somewhere I forgot that I have been given is the life I was supposed to have. I have forgotten to appreciate myself through the journey, not just my son.

    • Here is the most magnificent part you get to look forward to ~ It is never too late to make a decision to refocus your direction to what feels best and in all that you have lived in the past you have put magnificent preferences of your desires into a vibrations vortex of creation, it has been lovingly held by source energy or your inner being or that which I call God and as you begin to find better and better feeling thoughts, and relish in delicious things to enjoy… will have to pleasure of enjoying a truly magnificent life ~
      How completely exciting this time in your life is for you ~

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