Trust Your Perspective ~

The normal concern I had while I was growing up was, “How are others seeing what I am doing?” “What do they think about me?” “Am I doing what they believe I should be doing or acting?” I was more concerned with how others felt about my actions, what I was doing, how I looked or how I was acting than how I felt about me.

When we try to see ourselves through the eyes of others, we will always feel badly because as soon as you change the way you act for one person, you will come into contact with another who will not like how you are acting and you will need to change yet again to please them. So, now think about living a lifetime where you are acquiescing to everyone else, putting their thoughts about you above how you feel moment after moment, day after day, year after year. Can you see how a person can lose a sense of who they are? A sense of confusion not knowing why their life is not going as well as they would like to or feeling that everyone else has a better life?

It is time to ask yourself what feels best for your own life. Finding that stable place within and trust that your perspective is the best, most reliable perspective for you. Looking to others to make decisions about your life, no matter how well-meaning, will always lead to discomfort and you are giving your power to another. No one has lived exactly the same life, no one has lived your life experience. Accepting you know what is best for yourself and leaving everyone else out of your decisions, your spouse, your parents, your friends and your children is the only way to empower yourself. If each one of us found the loving, stable center within ourselves, not only would we be happier, we would not feel the need to change for others and we would not need others to change so we can feel better. Trusting our own perspective is living the God-given life you were intended to live ~


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