Diffusing Grumpy!

Walt Disney tmAs all parents do, I love and adore my children with all of my heart and soul. Although I originally thought I would teach them how to be a good human beings, they are my teachers in this life experience and our little Connor is without a doubt the catalyst to my own awakening within, to finding the authentic Tracie that was waiting patiently for me to find her. That does not mean we do not enjoy all of the ins and outs of daily life. Yes, our life is magnificent. I say that with a full heart because we choose to see the beauty within life, we see the magnificence within life, we find the positive aspects in all things, even what others may call a disability, we see as a new and incredible way of being.

We occasionally get grumpy and so do our children for a myriad of reasons which are beautifully human. I recognize our children often mirror how we are feeling from within. When they mirror us or reflect back to us what we have going on within, sometimes the reflecting process will become more uncomfortable. If your child is mirroring you and you feel heightened agitation, as with any negative emotion, that is your cue to find better feeling thoughts. The decision to recognize the discomfort and decide to feel better is a wonderful beginning. Sometimes our children are simply grumpy and it does not have anything to do with their immediate environment as was the case with my precious Connor this morning.

As we drove to school, he was very grumpy. He was upset that Halloween was over. Well of course he was, no more haunted houses, no more trick or treating, no more pumpkins, no more school fun in costumes with his friends…… We had the same conversation last night but I was able to tell him, ‘That’s right it is still Halloween’, because it was only 10:00 P.M. on All Hallows Eve(I love saying that). This morning, I could not say that because it was not true and this child knows when he hears the truth and when he does not, as do all children. Connor is simply able to fine tune or weed out half-truths with greater clarity. I could have told him, ‘Halloween is over, deal with it’, followed by an explosion of Mr. Grumpy, which would have affected his morning and my morning but instead, I took a deep breath, spoke calmly and said, “Connor Halloween is over and I do not wish to debate or fight about this.” In one calm sentence, I diffused what could have become a very difficult morning for both of us.

Everything is a choice, how we live to how we speak to one another. Our intention behind it all makes all the difference in our world ~


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