Laughter FEELS Wonderful ~

We have all experienced those incredible laughs when no noise comes out, in an effort to inhale we accidentally snort or tears run down our faces or both. I LOVE laughing so hard because it feels so good! My husband is notorious for making me laugh so hard tears run down my face and I have to run to go tee-tee, for as long as I have known him, some 26 years and now he is able to make our children laugh with as much exuberance, especially our daughter. When Connor was first diagnosed with Autism, I had a sense within as he laughed, a giggle that told me he was completely enjoying himself, there was healing taking place. While I have a great sense that I was onto something, there is an element I no longer believe within that way of thinking.

I no longer believe our children diagnosed with Autism need to be healed, fixed or changed in any way shape or form, they are different from the ‘norm’ yes, but not disordered. I do believe I was resonating completely with laughter being the best medicine for all. Not in an effort to heal or fix but for the alignment we feel when we laugh. These children and adults diagnosed with autism desire feeling good above what other people think or making others happy. They are teaching us the value of being in alignment with the source within us. Alignment first and then go about your day. Alignment first and then interact with others.

Laughter feels wonderful and when we consistently feel good we are in alignment with our inner being, the source within us, the God force within. The more often we find joy, humor and feeling good the better we feel. The more often we feel good, we are in the process of creating the life we desire. It is completely brilliant that something that makes us feel so good is also the way we create the lives we desire living. So today, laugh as much as you can, smile as often as you can and remember, If you can’t be good, be GREAT ~





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