The Awe in Autism ~

The Magnificent Connor ~

I am in a wonderful position in my life to hear stories from all over the world on a daily basis about our incredible children diagnosed with what many may call a disability. Our son Connor has Autism, so this has become my specialty in coaching others in moving beyond words, since we live with this incredible child. However, I hear from many wonderful parents and those who teach or aid others with all so-called disabilities.

More and more people are coming to the awareness of the gifts these children, all children offer. I still remember the days when a child was told to sit down and be quiet, or to be seen and not heard. Even within my own parenting, I always thought I would be the teacher. When our daughter was born fifteen years ago, I had a sense within me I would parent differently. My mother was and is a loving wonderful mother and grandmother, there was something different I felt within after our daughter was born, I could not put my finger on. I recognized there was a mutual respect between myself and each of my children. I knew from within as I requested something from them, there was a give and take. I knew telling them what to do without question of my authority would not work. In 2001, Connor was diagnosed with Autism and it was in my face obvious, this child would not acquiesce to demands placed on him. I became very aware of the reasons why I felt a shift within myself early on about parenting and Connor was about to further my education in the parenting arena.

There is a brilliance to these children, a deliciousness we have not fully uncovered or are simply not yet privy to. The more who acknowledge the everyday miracles, the more people will become aware of it, the more who become aware of it, the more who will begin to see this incredible gift our children are offering! No longer will it be Autism Awareness, but Awetism Appreciation. These children are bridging the gap for us in our human evolution! That is why so many are coming forth, not because anything went wrong but because they chose purposefully to be born different enough we must all take notice ~ ♥ ♥ ♥

We have a family page on Facebook about our book and our story called Connor’s Gift Embracing Autism in this New Age. We would love for you to share your stories about our amazing children ~



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