The Beauty in Contrast ~

Many people often ask, “Why do bad things happen?” “Why does my child have to have a disability?” “Why can’t life just be easy?” It is the beautiful contrast we all came to experience and all of the expansion that comes from it, without contrast we could not enjoy the expansion within our lives. Without contrast and expansion, there wouldn’t be motion forward.

I am going to ask you to take a step back for just a moment and see everything from broader view and simply ponder what I am offering as a thought and see where it takes you. Rather than seeing something as a problem, seeing life as a struggle or seeing a disability or flaw within yourself or your brilliant child, you have the choice, the free will of living a life that feels wonderful no matter what shows up in your experience.

It is interesting to me, having a child diagnosed with Autism. At first I experienced despair and depression, a dark place where death sounded better momentarily, I was simply reaching for relief from my discomfort. From that contrast, at some point I made the decision not to live my life in despair. A decade later I am in such great appreciation of the life we are living. I am able to see with great clarity the contrast I went through a decade ago as a moment in time where I created a magnificent life in my now moment.  As I have made peace with his ‘so-called’ disability, (I no longer see autism as a disability) as I have embraced who he is and who he has come forth purposefully to be and to live a life different from what is considered ‘normal’, my son is now doing incredibly well. He may always have ‘autism’ but whether he does or he doesn’t, he doesn’t need to change a thing for me. I appreciate daily and love living the life we are creating together with our entire family. It does not matter if you are speaking of your child having a disability, or your desire for a better job, a new lover or anything else within your life. Isn’t that why we want anything? Because we believe we will feel better once we have it.

Begin to see contrast as the opportunity to know more clearly what you do not want within your life and you will find exactly what it is you do want. You will begin to see the beauty contrast has to offer ~


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