Appreciation in all things ~

This month, I have been encouraging everyone to write lists of appreciation. Each day if you can find five things you can appreciate within your day. If you are able to find more things, by all means write them down. Before you know it, life will be showing you more and more things to appreciate.

Nothing has changed my life more than appreciation in all things, even those rascals within my life offer reasons to be grateful. It is like anything when you first begin, it is something you must practice. Something you will begin to find the feeling place of. When you do, when you begin to feel the appreciation in appreciating everything within your life, you will begin to actually feel movement from within, your life will become even more magnificent. This is something that does not cost anything to do. It is something you can begin at anytime within your life but only you can do this for yourself. When you do, your life will change so wonderfully you will never want to go back. Appreciation will become one of the most important things within your life ~


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