Be the Change ~

You must be the change you wish to see ~ Mahatma Gandhi

So many people find it easy to complain about so much going on within the world. They may desire change yet do not know how to go about changing things. We do not need to change the world so we can feel better. You do not need to change one other person so you can feel better, in fact, you cannot change anyone else but yourself. All you need to do is focus on feeling better within.

Complaining about what is going wrong in your life or the world is not how we change anything. You get what you think about whether you want it or not. So if you complain about anything, speak about it, blog about it, write about it, talk to everyone about it including the grocery clerk as you are checking out your groceries, you are perpetuating the very thing you do not like. By speaking of it, you are creating more of it. The next time you feel any negative emotion about something, before you begin to complain about it to anyone else or within your own mind. Stop yourself and ask, ‘I know I do not want this to happen, what is it I do want?’

Contrast is simply a clarifying experience. By recognizing what you no longer want within your life or in the world, you can hone what it is you do desire and then focus on and speak only of that new desire, live the new desire, dream your new desire, BE your new desire. That is the change you are looking for, it begins with you ~














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