Illuminate Possibilities ~

Growing up, I understood by well-meaning adults, they way you ‘get rid’ of things or eradicate anything from your experience you do not like is to complain about them, tell everyone to beware of them so they do not get hurt. Tell everyone how much you do not like it and why and get as many other people to agree with you as possible, then things will change, you will make it change. Generation after generation, we have been taught, when you do not like something, shout “No” at it, push it away, push against it, create groups that are against it.

“I was once asked why I don’t participate in anti-war demonstrations.
I said that I will never do that, but as soon as you have a pro-peace rally,
I’ll be there.” Mother Teresa

I now know, while that way of thinking is wonderful for creating great expansion within and more delicious life experience once we allow the solutions, when you focus upon anything or give your attention to anything, your attention to it makes it bigger, it becomes more. In an attraction based, law based Universe, whenever we know what we do not want, we know more clearly what we do want and to every problem, a solution is born and lovingly held by our inner beings, Source or that which I call God. We must then find anyway of allowing those wonderful solutions to come into our experience. The way we create positive change within our lives is to focus, highlight and illuminate the positive aspects within your life. Focusing on the positive aspects, as many details you can find, even appreciating those rascals that come into your life for the role they play in your expansion, then finding anyway of having a good time, enjoying ourselves, pampering ourselves and simply allowing ourselves to experience and enjoy the journey is how we allow all wonderful things to come into our experience. ‘Be’ for the solution, ‘Be’ for the possibilities, ‘Be’ pro solution. Highlight, focus upon and illuminate the possibilities of your life experience, observe as the Universe conspires to assist you within the life experience you have created.


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