Appreciation or Discomfort ~

It sounds so incredibly simple doesn’t it? I can hear you know, “Tracie, do you mean all I have to do is appreciate and life will get better?” Yes, that is the truth. How do I know? Because appreciation and gratitude has transformed my life entirely. That being said, when we are feeling badly within, sometimes it is easy to forget how to turn ourselves around.

While we live this life experience, we will always have experiences that come up that do not feel as wonderful as we may hope. That is part of living life, it is part of creating a wonderful life experience. Whenever we know what we do not want within our lives, we always know what we prefer from that experience. In fact, the discomfort we feel is only an opportunity to clarify what we DO want within our life, nothing more. Of course being beautifully human, we can be so overly dramatic. I think we sometimes enjoy being that way, it somehow adds more zest to our experience. As we work through a less than comfortable experience, clarifying from our discomfort what it is we do want and turning our attention to our new-found desire…….appreciating everything that is working well within our lives…..that is deliberate creating well worth considering.

We all go through periods within our lives of varying degrees of discomfort but as long as you are looking toward the solution, rather than the problem you will be able to move forward with grace and ease. Even someone who knows this with everything that I am, goes through periods of time that are not as comfortable and surprisingly, as much as I am aware of this, live this and love this way of life, I cannot remember appreciation is the way out because despair and appreciation are two completely different vibrations. It is during those times I practice extreme self-care. Lowering my expectations for myself, being easy with myself and allowing me to feel as much ease as possible. Before you know it, moment by moment, you will begin to feel discomfort lifting and ease coming over you. It is a decision only you can make for yourself, no one else and it must be practiced. As the clouds begin to clear, begin appreciating as much as you can, as much as your mind will allow. You will come out on the other side of that discomfort in higher vibration, a brand new platform within your life experience, constant motion forward. Any discomfort we continue to endure is always because we are resisting life’s constant motion forward.


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