Caring about what others think ~

Many of us are taught to care about what other people think about us from well-meaning adults who were also taught by another generation of well-meaning adults. Some want to appear to have it together. Some may want others to believe they have more material objects than they really do, make more money than they truly do, have better things, a better life, a better relationship with their partner, etc. They want others to think they are the perfect spouse, the perfect parent, the perfect homemaker, the perfect co-worker, the perfect child, the perfect everything. They have a desire projecting an image of themselves outwardly to others in an effort to feel better about themselves. Then people wonder why they do not feel good about themselves?

We are so busy trying to appear or projecting an image outwardly towards others, we are not empowering or being authentic within ourselves. So many people I have the pleasure of interacting with, although the stories may differ here and there, as they should since none of us live exactly the same experiences, are trying to find their authentic self. If each of us were to stop caring about what others may think about us, what we are doing,  how we are living  and stop exerting all of our effort in an attempt to appear a certain way outwardly, we may be able to find out who we really are within.

We all have powerful minds and if we used the power of our minds to find out who we really are within and that it is only your perception about what others think about us that shoots us in the foot. If each of us were to tend to our own emotions, our own vibration, tending to the gap between who we are in our physical bodies and our inner beings…..fear would disappear, jealousy would disappear, the majority of those hurtful negative emotions would take a backseat to the full and magnificent lives we would all be living. It begins with you. Find what makes your heart sing, appreciate everything you have within your life, feel good about you within and no longer worry about what others think about you. Can you feel the freedom within that?


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