The Placebo Effect ~

We have all heard stories about medical studies done where half of the participants were given the ‘real’ medication, the other half were given placebo pills as a simulated medical intervention. Sometimes patients given a placebo treatment will have a perceived or actual improvement in a medical condition.  So what does that prove?  For our brilliant left-brained scientists and western medicine, who need proof for their data in order for things to make sense, it may not mean much. How can someone suffering from an ‘ailment’ do well or better than expected when taking a pill that is inert yet they perceive it is something that may help them?

I am going to ask you to suspend your brilliant mind for just a few minutes……Could it be we are indeed more powerful in our thoughts and focus than any of us can grasp, than anyone has ever told us or empowered us to know? Is it possible there is truth to the fact we currently only use 10% of our brains? If someone can take a pill that is inert, it does not have medicinal powers yet can actually begin to feel better because they Believe they are taking a pill that will help them…….Doesn’t that give us a glimpse into our own brilliance? So now imagine someone deliberately making the decision to feel better on purpose. To consciously choose to feel better, to focus on positive thoughts and to begin to look for all things within their lives that are going well, allowing those things that are not going as well to simply fall away, giving no attention to the ‘speed bumps’ in the road of life. Little by little… quantum leaps necessary in fact, quantum leaps are not possible, simply reaching for better and better feeling emotions from within……Not in an effort to change anyone or anything around them, simply to feel better from the inside out. Imagine each one of us finding resonance and tapping into with that glorious feeling place of contentment, happiness, joy, peace, love ~Yes indeed ~ What a wonderful world ~


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  1. I am a professional magician. People often question whether we indeed use secret magic formulas to achieve our imossible results. The answer is yes and pyour above article provides an explanation.
    The first psychological trick a magician attempts to accomplish is the “suspension of disbelief” through a visually disarming and amazing effect. Now he knows you are at his mercy. Then, by BELIEVING in his own magic, the already gullible audience has little or no option but believe it too (at least while busy watching).
    Like the placebo effect, the outcome is a truly magical experience! Hence the suspicion that we magicians use more than mere tricks to do our magic. … and so we do.

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