It doesn’t matter what ‘they’ think ~

If you ‘LIKE’ it, ‘LOVE’ it, ‘ENJOY’ it, it does not matter what anyone else thinks. You can love it, like it and enjoy it and not need anyone else’s approval.

A cute story from Abraham ~

I licked it, I like it, now you lick it and you like it. And unless you lick it and like it, I am not really going to lick it and like it as much as I was licking it and liking it because now that I think about it, I am not sure how good really was. And if they should lick it and not like it then what would you do ? A hundred people have licked and not liked this cone. What was I thinking ? WHAT was I thinking???
Ice cream anyone?
….you can’t just enjoy that ice cream cone, you need to talk about it. And it’s just not that necessary. And we have never seen one of you find a word that even began to measure up with the translation that your tongue is giving. But, but then, you’re so interested in somebody else understanding what your tongue is getting, that you try to give them words to describe it and oh you fall so short. And with the ice cream cone, we don’t see to many of you, there are some of you, well, quite alot of you in here, who take that ice cream cone from person to person and insist that they have a lick. ( audience roars with laughter) abe ♥

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