The Sweetness of doing nothing ~

Living a life full of joy, a life of enjoyment, a life of ease and flow is what we are supposed to be enjoying as a human race. Think about how we are taught and observe from adults within our lives from the time we are very young. We witness our parents working so very hard, for very little, we begin to buy into a shortage consciousness. A shortage of time, a shortage of money and very little time to simply enjoy life and ‘Be’ in the moment. We dream of a life that feels wonderful in all ways yet we simply cannot grasp how to wield power from within. Is the life you are living what you truly desire from within? Do you feel as though you need to continue on this path in order to accomplish your desires, your dreams and prove yourself to unseen forces?

What if you were to come to understand….the only way to bring about your true desires, is to learn to live your life in a way that joy became to path of least resistance to be or do or have your desires? When we learn to simply BE present and truly enjoy, in-joy each moment, we begin to learn our own power within. Sit with that for a little bit. Sit with the thought that joy is your goal in life. How does that make you feel? I am not asking you to stop going to work or give up your responsibilities. No, I am asking you to consider a new way of ‘being’ from within. I am asking you to become more present within your life experience.

The only reason we desire anything in life is because we believe we will feel better once we have it, but what if you began to seek joy first? To find joy in each moment. Everything else will fall into place very easily once you begin to focus on JOY ~ Not only will your desires come to fruition but you get to feel wonderful along the way. Joy first, learning the art of allowing, the sweetness of doing nothing and then following your passion wherever that leads you. That is what you intended when you came forth into your physical bodies. Ask yourself if you are living your joy, your highest excitement? See where that question leads you ~


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