Mission I’m Possible ~

Have you found your Joy? Have you found your passion? Do you wake up in the morning with a bounce in your step, excited for a new day or a new week to begin? If you have answered yes, you are ahead of the game. If you answered no, believe it or not you are a step closer to finding your joy than you were a moment ago. How you may ask? Just the questioning from within…..What is my joy? What is my passion? The desire to wake with excitement for a new day….all of these desires, asking or even a curiosity for what that would feel like is a step toward a new and improved condition.

If you desire finding the feeling place of passion and joy more often in your life, you can make the decision to embark on a mission. Rather than thinking of the impossibilities the mission might entail, shift your thoughts to a new language, is not impossible but simply I’m possible. In pondering that thought you have now shifted your perception and the Universe is responding you in a different way. Continue to ask questions and see where that leads you. The Universe is always responding to you and all you need to do is ask the questions ~ The answers will show themselves in the form of ideas, inspirations and new-found thoughts. Watch for the breadcrumbs ~ ;0)


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  1. I just found my joy last month. Between hiring a life coach and reading The Happiness Project and your blog being one of the first I found here, I found it.
    The trouble I had was I had no idea what makes me happy. That word didn’t work for me. When I figured out What brings me Joy?, I made a list. Now when I have a bad day, I reflect on my list and go do one of those things. Now everyday has a joyful moment or two in it.

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