Why do we have fear?

Fear is a negative emotion but it is not something we should turn away from, rather something we should appreciate ~

Our fear is a natural response that we have within when we are thinking thoughts that do not serve us. While you do not have control over anyone else or any conditions that may come up that causes fear to rise up within you, you do have control over how you feel and how you react to anyone or anything.

Our emotions are an indicator that we have been gifted with, the only questions are, what are your emotions are telling you and do you know how to respond to them? When we experience a negative emotion,  it can be as uncomfortable as despair or as simple as boredom and anything in between. Being deliberate creators means an understanding that we create our reality with the thoughts we think, we recognize our emotions let us know if we are creating our lives in a way that will be pleasing to us or we are creating our lives in a way that will not be pleasing to us. Some people are so comfortable with being grumpy, ornery, sour or just plain cranky, they simply do not recognize being grumpy is a negative emotion. They have become complacent to that feeling, they tolerate it, they are comfortable with it because they have practiced that emotion for so long. But when we recognize emotion is our guide to creating our lives, now we are able to gently shift our emotions to better and better feeling thoughts when negative thoughts come up. Our goal is not to eradicate fear, fear or any negative emotion is simply an indicator letting us know what we just witnessed or what we are thinking are not in alignment with our desire to create a life that will be pleasing to us and should be embraced. Once we recognize that, now we are able to shift, shift, shift those thoughts, the better we feel, the more in alignment we are, the better the outcome ~ always ~


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