Can you conjure Happiness?

The majority of people live life being sad when bad things happen, happy when good things happen and feel lucky when really great things happen. They do not understand we are powerful creators within our own life experience. Life is full of good things, great things, sad things and some downright awful things but, it is not what life shows you or gives you that makes the difference within your life. What matters is your ability to see the beauty within your life experience no matter what you are observing.

Are you willing to contemplate for just a moment….maybe things that happen in your life experience are an opportunity for you to decide what you want to live within your life? When you go through a buffet at a restaurant, do you put things you do not like to eat on your plate? Of course not, you pick and choose from the options given exactly what it is you want to eat, those things that look good, things you desire trying, etc. Think of your life in the same way, you go through your day and you pick and choose what experiences you desire keeping. When you witness anything you do not like, ask yourself what it is you do desire, then look toward that new-found desire and you have the opportunity to dream into existence experiences you would prefer, that is what our imaginations are for. What I appreciate in all of this is, you are able to experiment with this for yourself. You are able to conjure and create happiness, good fortune, contentment within your own life. Play with this idea for a little bit and see where your brilliant mind takes you.


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