Happy Thanksgiving ~

We are celebrating Thanksgiving here in America. It is a day filled with family, friends, food, love and appreciation. For those who know me, you know of my love for appreciation. It has been the ability to find appreciation in all things, although it takes work on some things, that has transformed my life.

When you begin to appreciate people, places, things, emotions, even what many may see as a dis-Ability,  contemplating appreciation of all things more often, exercising your appreciation muscle so to speak, your life will without a doubt transform. As you appreciate more, life will actually show you more things to appreciate, you will begin to feel appreciation for all things come more easily. It will feel as though the Universe is purposefully showing you more and more things to appreciate. Yes indeed, this is a magnificent day. Even if you do not celebrate Thanksgiving wherever you are in the world, you can begin the art of appreciation at any time. It will transform your life ~


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