Co-creating at its Best ~

One of my wonderful spiritual teachers Esther Hicks has taught me what it is like to create more Joy within my life for many years now. She asks for nothing in return, simply take the message if it resonates, leave it alone if it does not. She, in her teachings of Abraham uses the term ‘co-creating at its best’ and I thought I understood this on many levels. I love living it, teaching it and guiding others in this practice but today I was reminded of just how incredible that can be.

When you focus on joy more often, it is natural, it is law, more joy must come your way. What I realized today on deeper levels than ever before, as we focus on joy and appreciation as I do everyday and we did all day yesterday, it was Thanksgiving day here in the U.S., the Universe, Source or that which I call God will show you so much more to appreciate, be Joy-filled about and you will begin to find more and more people who ‘get’ what you know. I fully understand this concept, I write about it, I have applied it, I teach others about it and yet I have the pleasure of being astonished and amazed again and again.

Much of my work, writing and connecting with others is done via internet. I have the absolute pleasure of connecting with so many all over the world that I may never have met otherwise if it weren’t for our computers, the internet and Facebook where I am able to connect with so many with such great ease. We are creating a wonderful community of those who know what creating a joyful life on purpose is all about, those who desire knowing what creating life on purpose is about, those who may have their curiosity peaked just a little bit and even those who may reject it because of their fear or uncertainty. Either way, I appreciate each and everyone!

So today dear friends, I once again give Thanks to all of you for our connection in this life experience and for the honor of being a part of your life, it is truly Co-creating at its BEST ~


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