Value in Moving Beyond Words ~

“I personally think we developed language because of our deep inner need to complain”  Jane Wagner

When I saw this post this morning from a dear friend, I had to laugh. I was once one who thought, ‘If I just complain enough about something, anything, everything surely it will leave my experience as quickly as it came’. That is what everyone around did, they must be correct…..right?

Enter Connor James, our now 12-year-old son diagnosed with what many call a disability called Autism in 2001. Connor went from learning language right on target, to losing his language and now, only speaking when he is in distress about something he is unhappy about or a plethora of verbal language if you speak to him about a subject he adores. In is inability to speak verbal language, Connor has taught me to fine-tune this language, it is the language of emotion. It is a feeling, it is an ability we all have from within, it is a sense many of us have simply forgotten to continually fine-tune, replacing it with meaningless words rather than harnessing and creating our lives with this precious gift we have within.

We live such incredibly busy lives, placing things that truly matter on the back burner because we do not have time to deal with it, understanding on a deeper level, on a soul level, it is not working out well for any of us. More people seem to be unhappy with their lives than ever before, yet those same people are searching for things to make them happier. We have more material items we have all acquired than generations before us. Everyone is looking outside of themselves to fill a void they can feel from within. This void dear friends will never be found outside of ourselves. It will never be filled when we search for outside sources to fill it and as we continue to perpetuate a way of being that is false, we will continue to feel fear, insecurity and any negative emotion humanly possible. It is an inner journey. It is leaving the peanut gallery out of what makes you truly happy. Learning a new language that goes beyond words will in fact fill this void everyone is searching for. So, will you acknowledge the silence within that is calling you? Or will you continue to looking outside of yourself?


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