Perspective, Perspective, Perspective ~

In the real estate industry the ‘motto’ is location, location, location. In the Positive Thought industry it is Perspective, Perspective, Perspective.

“When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” ~ Wayne Dyer

Those are the words that began to shift my perspective about my life and the diagnosis Autism. Over the past decade I have learned and lived this motto which has become a way of ‘BEing’ for me and for my family. With our emotions as our guidance, when we come across something that does not feel good within, that does not serve us, we recognize it and begin to shift our perspective. That desire to feel better from within, then changing our perspective just a little, is enough to begin to change the environment that surrounds you. So, how do you see your life? If there is something that is pleasing to you, appreciate that, love it, talk about it. If there is something you desire to be differently, begin to shift your perspective from within.


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