You are a Gift ~

Do you know what an incredible gift you truly are? Do you recognize who you really are? Have you listened to others letting you know their thoughts about you, taking those thoughts on as your own, whether they have served you well or not? Have you listened to that sometimes naughty ego who asks you, ‘Who do you think you are for thinking so highly of yourself?’ For far too long we have been told and accepted a diminished way of being. What others believe or think about us is irrelevant. It only becomes a part of who you are, if you allow what they think to become your truth.

EGO = Edging God Out ~ Wayne Dyer

You are magnificence in human form, the vast majority of the population does not recognize their own brilliance. If each one of us recognized our own brilliance and the contribution we make to everyday life, can you imagine the magnificent world we would be living in? There is a shift happening in our world, it is happening from within each of us. It is time for you to sit quietly, in that stillness, in that space you will recognize your gifts, learning to harness them, hone them and then share them with the world. It is time for each human being to recognize the light that resides within them and never allow others to dim who you really are. Our world is ripe for this of understanding.


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