Who are YOU?

Do you truly know who you are? Your essence, the core within you? The being within you that smiles in delight when you see, hear or think of something that resonates and fills you up with love, the real you?

Something that seems to come up within so many people I have the pleasure of meeting is, they do not know who they truly are. They do not know what makes their hearts sing or what fills their lives with passion. Most recognize something wonderful is missing, they cannot fill that void with things because they have tried. By the time they seek a life coach, they have gone through their entire life listening to what others say about them, to them and taking it on as their own statements even if it does not serve them and this begins at a very young age. Sometimes we take on what our parents think about us as our own, even if it is not our truth. Sometimes it is our friends at school, what they say about us or in an effort to please others and be part of the group, we like things we truly do not like, we do things we do not want to do in an effort to fit in. We surrender our own power over to others, as we do this we render ourselves powerless. When we are feeling powerless, things do not go over well within our lives. The longer we hand over our power the more negative emotion we feel, as this persists we become exhausted, worn down and feel as though we were dealt an unlucky hand in life and many will eventually develop a physical illness. We are such powerful creators within physical form, so powerful we can choose bondage, we can and often do choose to hand over our power from within not understanding or recognizing this is a habit we can shift.

A new year is just around the corner, why not contemplate making 2012 a year of discovery of who you really are? Finding out who you truly are, what makes your heart sing, what fills your life with happiness, grace and ease. Taking back the power we hold within and as we do this, as we fill ourselves up with love, peace and wholeness, we have so much more to give back to our world and we feel wonderful doing it ~


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