Looking ahead ~

How many people take into consideration everything that has happened in their past, while making decisions for their future? Probably the vast majority of the population. Most use their past as a reference point, to make certain they do not make the same mistake twice or three or four times. Many people are so completely realistic within their now moments, they never pick their heads up to see where they are going. They have been taught to face reality by well-meaning adults, who were taught to face reality from previous generations even if the reality they are facing no longer serves them.

Are you able to suspend your thoughts about what you have lived in your past and what you are living in your now, in order to create the future you truly desire? When we are driving in our vehicles, do you drive with your eyes mostly on the rear view mirror? Do you drive with your head out the window, looking down to see where you are? Or, do you look straight ahead to see where you are going?

When we become deliberate creators within our life experience, which means purposely choosing better feeling thoughts to create a more pleasing life experience, looking toward the future is key for creating a life that is pleasing to us. Our past experiences and our now reality are bouncing off places for us to continue creating our life experience. Everything we lived in our past, we created by the thoughts we thought prior to that time in our lives. The thoughts we think today are creating our tomorrow. So, when you think of your future, if your past is pleasing to you, it serves you well to ponder the memories of your past. If your current reality is pleasing to you, it serves you well to observe and milk all that is pleasing to you. If however, you would like improvements in your life, our imaginations are a gift for God, from creator, from source, from all that is to dream into being, the life we desire.


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