Say When? ;0)

The question of when will this dream of mine come true is what most people focus upon. When we ask God, the Universe, Source or All that is when will my dreams come true, focusing on the lack of evidence that your dream has not come to fruition, you are actually pushing against your desire.

If you will begin to focus on how it will feel when you have your desire you will begin to shift your focus, finding the feeling place, the feeling space of what your desire feels like, as if it has already happened. This is what our imaginations are for, dreaming into existence what it is you desire. You get what you predominately think about whether you want it or not, so if you are thinking about the lack of your desire not being in your experience, you will perpetuate lack, pushing your desire away. If you can shift your focus, your thoughts to what it feels like, how it feels to have or enjoy your desire more of the time, you will shift the balance between lack of your desire to your desire coming into your life experience. The more you focus on why you want whatever you want, how it feels to have it, that pendulum will swing into the direction of your desire coming into your experience.


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