It’s all working out…….Really!

Do you know what I love? I love, love, love that everything is always working out just as it should! It really is, even when it doesn’t seem like it is, the unfolding of everything is wonderful, really, really, really it is! Even when things do not seem to be going well within your life, that is where faith comes in. And when you are feeling wonderful you can go beyond faith into knowing it is all working out.

Just know when you are feeling any discomfort, that simply means you are going through a growth spurt, just like our children do except now that we are adults, it takes on a different form. Remember when our children were teething, the discomfort we felt witnessing them? When we are growing and expanding, it is the same thing, it simply looks a little bit different. Just as you know they will grow out of their discomfort, so will you. Pretend you have just planted a new seed within and nurture yourself, add warmth, sunlight, water and allow yourself to grow and mature. It really is always working out well, have faith and then know it ~


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