A New Year is upon us ~

I know many people want to work out more, head to the gym more, use the gym equipment we have in our homes rather than using them to ‘hold’ something, lose weight, eat healthier, etc. Those are the typical things people wish for as the new year approaches. This year, how about we take a different approach in what we desire changing?

What if you wrote a letter to yourself as if the year 2013 was upon us and using your imagination, really pushing the envelope, you write this letter or note in appreciation for all of the wonderful things that happened in 2012? This requires using your imagination yes, but I know you’ve got it in you. We have just over two weeks before the New Year to begin writing this note to ourselves or God or the Universe, whatever you personally call All that is. First, write down all of the things you desire coming to fruition over the coming year, then take each one and appreciate it as if it has already happened. Write about it, bask in the idea that is it done, feel the feeling of how wonderful it is that it has happened, it is done and write how it feels……really find the emotion of or the feeling space of enjoying it, witnessing it, being it, having it in your life experience.

Our imaginations are a gift we all have within us, it is time we all begin to practice using our imagination muscles to bring all of our desires into our life experience! Ready, set, DREAM!


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