R-E-S-P-E-C-T ;0)

When anyone wants to make a life change within their life, they often ask why others do not treat them in a way that is respectful, kind and loving way? Whether they are speaking of their family, lovers, children or employers. It is a wonderful question for them to ask because it opens up the possibility for them to find the solution they are looking for. Unless they are asking the question of themselves, for themselves, they will not be able to find or hear answers from me or anyone else.

Whatever we are witnessing, observing or living day in and day out, whatever scenario seems to come up frequently within your life experience is showing you, your thought process within. Our outer landscape, what we are living is a reflection of what is going on within us. If you are living a wonderful life, continue enjoying and basking. If however you desire change within your life, it would serve you well to begin to ask yourself what it is you do desire in your life experience. If you desire others to respect you or treat you better, it always, always, always begins with how you treat yourself. When you can make the connection, how others treat you is a mirror reflection of how you are treating yourself, now you are holding the key to changing your life experience. When a specific scenario comes up often, check within and find a way to think and feel better feeling thoughts within you. It always begins with you!


The wonderful perk to respecting yourself, your children witness your wisdom first-hand and they will learn to respect themselves as well.


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