A Great Awakening ~

This morning I awoke with great excitement for the coming year, so much so, it felt as though I was already in 2012. I have been feeling that way, as if I am already in the new year for a few months. Not because I want to rush past this season, I LOVE the holidays. It is when I shine, baking, decorating, being with friends and family…….no, it is an anticipation for the future, excitement for what is to come that I am simply not yet privy to. With an incredible knowing that felt completely wonderful as I pondered these thoughts, I laid in my bed, it was still dark, early, cold outside the covers, warm inside, the house was quiet, my darling husband quietly sleeping next to me and I simply basked in the all of these wonderful feeling thoughts that flooded my mind.

When you watch the news, there is upset in all arenas; political, economic, healthcare  globally and domestically, ‘occupying’ as a way of demanding change, weather changes and earth shifts, etc. There seems to be rumblings in how people are changing how they view so much and the gap seems to be widening in the perception of those around us either for better or worse, Armageddon or a rebirth. Yet it is becoming crystal clear to me, it is simply our perception of the world that creates our life experience, I have known this for a long time but I am amazed at the depth of my own clarity in feeling this. We are all given challenges within our life experience and because we have free will, we can either choose to see the positive in all things or the negative.  For me, my paradigm shift was the diagnosis of Autism in our son Connor. As I began to make a shift in my own perception, I chose to see Autism in a positive way, autism became AWEtism. When I began to perceive AWEtism in a positive way, all of Connor’s Autistic behaviors seemed to fade or fall away, only showing up once again during times of stress from Connor or within those who interact with him since he is a beautiful reflection and interpreter of his environment. That is not to say he is ‘healed’ from Autism, I do not see AWEtism as a disorder, simply a different way of being, which I lovingly accept, appreciate and celebrate.

Those I have the pleasure of meeting with children, grandchildren, those who are teachers or aides to these wonderful children diagnosed with Autism are either seeing their child through the prism of Autism or Awetism. Once again it comes down to a choice, a way of perceiving your reality. Many of my dear parent friends may be living a difficult life trying to survive a day of autism, with a child who may have many difficulties with their child’s sensory issues such as sensitivities to touch, light, smells, food and noise and many others. These children remind me of amplified human beings, all of their senses are heightened. Some of their behaviors can be extreme as well, which is where many of my parent friends are having the most difficult time and in their struggle they amplify their own discomfort at what they are observing, which amplifies the discomfort of their child. They have tried everything else to no avail and are willing to hear an alternative as a way of shifting perception as a way of soothing, finding peace, love, joy and acceptance within their lives.

For those who come to a place where they are no longer pushing against a diagnosis, against their child, the medical profession, the school districts, the government, when they give up the struggle, these children are the catalyst to their awakening, one they did not plan on but a shift in their perception was all that was needed to watch an unfolding of a wonderful way of BEing they could never have imagined ~



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