Fun New Year Project

If you really want to get creative with a fun project with the children or the entire family for the New Year, a Vision Board. Get a poster board and cut out photos from old magazines or you can search for things on the computer, print and cut them out. You can create one for the entire family or one for each person in the family or do both, one for the entire family and one for each individual.

Rules: They can paste anything they want on their boards as long as it is something fun they would like to do, fun they would like to see, many things they enjoy or a wonderful combination of all things for the next year and beyond. They can draw, paint or simply paste photos, whatever your comfort level is. This is their project and the only rule is, it has to be something that feels great as they enjoy this project and when they look at it, the focus is FUN! When they are finished they can hang it in their room or wherever you are comfortable hanging it, even if it is in their closet so they can see it when they open it up or take a photo of it if it is too large, just be certain the photo will be somewhere they can see it often. Use the photos as screensavers that will pop up……

This is a wonderful way for them and us to see those things that make us happy, those things that make us feel wonderful when we observe them often. It is a wonderful way to reaffirm we can be, or do or have anything we desire and the only limits are the ones we place on ourselves. If we have the ability to dream it, the universe can deliver it to us, keeping the focus on things that FEEL wonderful to all of us.



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