New Year, New You ~

A New Year is on its way, I’m not trying to rush you I promise, I am simply planting a seed within you. Whether you choose to water, fertilize and nourish this seed is completely up to you, as is everything you think and do.

I recognize it is popular to have the desire to lose weight, work out more often or begin to, those gyms will be flooded for at least the first month of the New Year. ;0) Commercials will be hitting the airwaves soon which will focus on what your outer self looks like. Of course that is important body and soul, when you look good you feel good but there is something I have personally found that is even more wonderful for our bodies and that begins with focusing on what lies within and then our outer shell will reflect the beauty within.

We as a society are so busy, always rushing around, taking care of everyone else before you take care of you. I have a grand idea that we will all take on a small town persona, slowing down long enough to find the true meaning within life, living the feeling of giving that comes at the holiday season and will last all year-long. I recognize that is my dream and I can live my dream, my thoughts, my imagination will take me there and I am wise enough to know not everyone has that same dream and their thoughts, desires and imagination will take them to the life they desire. You are a wonderful human being, it is simply who you are and if life is going well, I applaud you. If however there are things you would like to change within your life, large or small, the size of the change does not matter. Your acknowledgment of the desire to shift is a wonderful beginning place. Below I will give you some things you can begin to focus upon and see where that takes you.

1. Breath ~ We, especially here in the west have forgotten the power behind breathing. It is something that comes naturally and yet to purposefully slow down, sit still and breathe on purpose is foreign to most of us. In your methodical, purposeful, rhythmic breath, you can and will connect to your inner being, the larger part of you that is connected to source energy or that which I call God.

2. Be Still ~ Taking moments a day to simply stop all movement forward and BE in the moment is life changing.

3. Feel ~ It is my personal knowing we are moving or evolving into a feeling place in our human experience more than ever felt before. Our children are bringing this to the forefront in our experience. We are moving into a time and space where we are feeling with more clarity what our life experience is evolving to. If we do not take the time to find the feeling place within our own lives moment to moment, we can feel the stress or agitation of that more profoundly.

4. Have fun ~ Life is meant to be a blast. Generations before us were told and taught, the more you struggle the better your rewards will be when you die. When something happens and you struggle through it, you will put a jewel in your heavenly crown. The longer you struggle maybe, just maybe God will see fit to reward you. When I was a child, this felt off. I did not have the words for it and since I was just a child, I did not question all of the loving adults within my life, squelching my own inner knowing to follow the well-meaning advice of the adults in my life. Well, I am all grown up now and lovingly making my way back to following my own brilliant guidance within, the guidance within we all have, listening to my own emotions which is our very own internal GPS. ;0)

5. Focus ~ When a problem comes along, an equivalent solution is born, always. The question you must ask yourself is what are you focusing on? When you are problem oriented, you will continue to enjoy more problems which will not feel that great. If you turn your focus on the new-found solution you glean after a problem comes about, you will continue to enjoy more solutions and life will continue to get better and better.

6. Let go ~ Let go of those thoughts, problems and people who no longer serve you well. When we have a negative emotion or problem coming into our experience, you can get to or come to a place where you celebrate the negative emotion or problem because without that problem, there can be no expansion. Once you understand what it is you do want from that negative emotion or problem, ask yourself what it is you do want? Then let go of the problem and focus on the solution. If you have anyone in your life that has caused great expansion within your life, whether you tell them to their face or in your own mind, Thank you for the expansion you have caused in my life, I appreciate it and now, I release you and wish you well. Now, you are on your way to more incredible life experience.

7. Appreciate, Appreciate, Appreciate ~ This has been incredibly life changing for me. I cannot emphasize this enough. It takes practice, this is true. When I first began appreciating everything within my own life on a daily and consistent basis, I had difficulty finding things to appreciate because life ‘felt’ so difficult having a child newly diagnosed with autism. BUT, once I began with just 5 things per day, more and more came to me. Pretty soon life was showing more and more to appreciate. That was law of attraction bringing more of what I was focusing on, a term I had not yet discovered but was very much aware that as I shifted my focus from complaint to appreciation, life was showing me more to appreciate. Law of attraction is always at work, whether we know about it or not, just like the law of gravity.

So my dear friends ~ as with all things in life, the choice is yours. How you live your life is your choice, always and when you are ready to make a change if it is your desire, you will be inspired to do so. It is my hope to plant seeds of hope or inspiration within your heart for a joyous and prosperous new year.


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