I can feel it, can you?

I am uncertain if I am able to express with enough clarity, enough understanding or loud enough for all to hear…..maybe just those who are ready to hear it. There, that clicked in place, for those who are ready to hear it. I can feel rumblings within, more and more people who are eager to hear and understand the truth within the statement, “we create our lives with the thoughts we think.” More people who are beginning to become intrigued with pondering of that statement, it isn’t a new religion, you can keep your current religion that gives you joy, adding to your magnificence within the eyes of God. Even if some say ‘Bah’ (can you tell it is Christmas Eve day as I type this? ;0)) or scoff at first….the seed has been planted within their brilliant minds, which is thrilling to me!

I am not yet privy to all of the details for myself or others, right now it is a feeling and it feels wonderful. I can feel and know it has to do with an awakening of humanity that has not been seen or felt for generations……maybe it has never been felt for humanity, I can feel that and it resonates within me. More people coming to feel and know the magnificence that resides within them, more people becoming aware that life is supposed to FEEL good and when it doesn’t, that is why you get grumpy, that is why there is so much upheaval, unrest and occupying of Wall Street and anything else you can blame for your discomfort.  Could it be it is because we never been empowered to know for generations that we create our own reality?

Whenever there is a problem, there is an equivalent solution that is born, now is the time to focus on the solutions and oh the magnificent solutions are simply waiting for all of us to tap into them. Blaming others or the powers that be always feels better than guilt, why would anyone create discomfort for themselves or others? When you become aware of how powerful our thoughts are and bring ourselves into alignment with Source, God or All that is, you are aware of your own ability to create a wonderful life experience and that there is no need for you to acquiesce to the will of others. Now that more are becoming aware, we are ready as a humanity to create a future of brilliance for all, beginning with our own life experience. Before we know it, the tide will turn and it will become common knowledge that we create our reality with the thoughts we think. Yes indeed, 2012 is going to be a magnificent year, keep your head held high, when you do not have the answers, be still, the answers are within you, waiting for the moment of silence for you to hear and tap into them. I so look forward to seeing your brilliance shine for all to SEE ~

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from my family to yours ~

With Great Love and Appreciation for you and All that is ~

Tracie and Family


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