Oh how I love this time of year. There is love felt in the air that is beyond measure and it goes beyond words. It feels as if my spirit becomes magnified, my light shines brightly as I bake, decorate, entertain, going 100 miles an hour, for the joy of it, the bliss of it, the feeling of appreciation that swells within my heart, I LOVE every minute of it. Quite appropriate given the reason for the season. What time of year do you shine? When is it you feel in the flow? We all have moments when it simply feels good to BE. That invincible feeling of joy, love, peace, contentment.

When you are feeling so completely wonderful, stop for just a moment and check within, get a lay of the land, emotionally, vibrationally or energetically speaking. Ask yourself, “What are the components going on in this moment to create this Blissful feeling in my now?” Milk those moments, bask in them, reap as many things from that time and space and then, when you are having a moment in time that does not feel as Blissful, stop yourself for a moment and think back to the bliss you pondered when you were in the flow. Using your imagination, ponder those elements that felt wonderful when you were in alignment. THAT my dear friends is what our imaginations are for. When you purposefully become a creator of your life experience, which simply means, you are purposefully choosing to feel better on purpose with the intention of creating a better feeling life experience; not for everyone else to see, not to put on a smiley face so others think you are happy, I am speaking of finding true happiness within, authentically and then it radiates outwardly. When something comes into your experience that creates a negative emotion within, as you choose to contemplate better feeling thoughts, think of moments that give you pleasure or think of what would feel wonderful.

Life is supposed to feel good, it is supposed to be fun. You are the creator of your life experience, the director of your thoughts, the master alchemist of your now, make certain you are creating something that will be even more pleasing, even more pleasurable, even more Blissful as you move forward, for there is only motion forward. Whether you are blissful or not, it is completely your choice.

May the feeling of Bliss become your dominant quest ~

Blessings this magnificent Christmas morning ~






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