Goodie Two Shoes, Pollyanna!

Yeah, that’s me, most of the time and I wear it well, in fact, I would not change a thing. I am still beautifully human though, when I do not practice self-care or become sloppy in my thinking, I experience negative emotion. When I do not listen, the negative emotion becomes bigger until it is in my face enough and I ‘remember’ to focus in a different way that feels better. We all have the ability to focus in a way that feels better within and as with all things in life, it is a choice. I remember a co-worker of mine, many, many years ago, before I knew there was an art to positive thinking, she overheard me speaking with my husband on the phone. It isn’t a secret that I am happily married, that I love my husband and we have a wonderful relationship that I am proud of. She began to tease me, “Hi honey” “Take care sweetie” “I love you honey” and of course we both laughed. I giggled because I was not aware I sounded so sappy but, I knew that I was being authentic and the relationship my husband and I had/have, evoked from within me a natural desire to be loving, kind and sweet toward him. I said, “It is true Sara, I could be grumpy about things but it takes no time at all to be kind and loving toward my husband and it benefits the entire family. My teasing friend said, “Tracie you are correct, I love that about you.”

When I was younger, I wanted to be just like everyone else and I would often forgo my own feelings, thinking and believing just like my friends to be one of the crowd. Having children who are in their teens now, not much has changed except I am seeing and feeling an authenticity from all of my children, they are demanding and holding to and when they do not, they do not feel good in an amplified way. Our children are demanding an authenticity from themselves and all of us in a way we have not witnessed before in humanity. Our children are asking us to make certain we are aware of how we are feeling and to make certain our words match our feelings. When you are angry, do not use flowery words to cover up your feelings. Our children sense how we are feeling more than listening to our verbal language. When our vibration or energy does not match our words, it is very confusing for them. More importantly, until you come to an understanding of how you are feeling is so much more important that what you are saying, you can never be authentically happy.

There is never a motion of going backward, we are either moving forward or stagnant by way of holding ourselves in resistance, by thinking negative thoughts to our own expansion. So, as you exit the building, just look for me, Pollyanna reminding you, being authentically happy is up to you!


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