What message are you sending?

Yesterday I heard a person with awetism say, “My parents did not like me because of my autism”. They never came out and said it verbally to their child of course, but it was apparent they wanted her to change and ‘be’ like the rest of the world, not autistic. Well, being the person, mom, spirit I am, my understanding of awetism and who these human beings really are and the gifts they bring to all who are open, that hit my heart and I felt the discomfort of it.

Our children feel their way through life, our words do not matter to them. Their desire is for what we are feeling to match what we are saying. We have all been in situations where, you ask someone a question and the answer you received verbally from them and what you are feeling within, your gut instinct does not match. You question them once again, they reassure you they are speaking the truth to you and yet you cannot shake the discomfort of something being or feeling off. What you are hearing, what they are saying and what you are feeling are not a match. You unwittingly set aside your intuition, believe what they are saying rather than following your internal GPS.

When you love and adore your child as I know you do, yet you are doing your best to make them ‘better’ or ‘cure’ them, I know you are wanting to make life better for them in all ways because of the loving being you are. What if your child came forth with awetism on purpose? What if they purposefully chose to be different enough, they will not, cannot conform to societal standards? What if they are a bridge in our evolution as human beings? Then contemplate for just a moment, being here in physical form, just as you intended, rather than living and enjoying life together in all ways, learning from each other, those who love and adore you are focusing all of their energy on changing who you came forth to be………

As I drove in the car later in the day with my sidekick Connor riding shotgun, I contemplated hearing what was said by this magnificent being with awetism, trying to understand all points of view, seeing this through the eyes of source, without judgement, feeling the hit from the negative emotion as I contemplated it. Then I recognized what I was pondering something that did not serve me, feeling as though I was getting stuck in negative emotion….As I was getting out of the car, deciding to ‘stop’ thinking it, I looked at Connor thinking, he was probably picking up on it and sure enough he said, “It’s OK mom, its OK, just leave it to me.” Just as my precious Connor picked up on what I was thinking internally contemplating my thinking about someone else and their discomfort with conditional love in their life, our children pick up on what we are thinking about them as well.


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