A New Beginning ~

The New Year always strikes hope within hearts of all for a new beginning. We often make a promise or promises to ourselves that will not always come to fruition. We set goals of lofty ideas that may or may not come about, depending on the reasons and how we truly feel about said goals from within.

What if rather than making goals for things that may or may not be achievable from your perspective, you made one goal for this year. That goal was to begin to find balance within, aligning to your higher self. Some call it soul, God, angels, inner being, source, in truth it does not matter what it is called, it is a feeling place within, it is an authenticity of who you really are, it is your own personal connection to the divine. We all have those moments of clarity, being in the zone, you can feel your timing is perfect, your body feels balanced, you feel content, sure of yourself, clear, magnificent, in your prayers of pure appreciation. It is a feeling place we can learn to find with practice and once you do, it will become clear to you, you will never want to take action within your life until you find that balance and alignment within, first.

By setting this one goal of alignment with self, you now have the ability to accomplish so much in a way that will feel wonderful, content and at times incandescently blissful in doing so. It is not something you will obtain and never again have to think about, it is something you will fine tune within and throughout your life experience. As you find this place more frequently it will feel like home, it will feel like hope, it will feel like clarity and once you have this awareness of your alignment from within you will begin to bless the contrast within your life experience, for without the bitter, you will never know the sweetness all of life offers.


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