Great Contemplation ~

There are so many moments within our lives where we recognize a decision was made or a decision is to be made, some on a very small-scale, others are life changing. Those who know me know my decision to view life in appreciation was life changing to be certain. It is imperative for you all to know, just because I made that decision many years ago, does not mean it did not take practice to come to the place I am, nor does it mean I am suddenly running through a meadow with no cares in the world, appreciating all life has to offer……….well, I’m not running through meadows! “^.^” Appreciation is something I practice on a daily basis and I have seen it work what many would call miracles within my life. Those who learn the art of appreciation and continue to practice this know this very well. All of us are able and capable of living an extraordinary life.

We came into this human existence for the purpose of sifting through life. I love the analogy Abraham Hicks uses, ‘when you go to a buffet, what do you put on your plate?’ You do not go through and put things on your plate you hate, dislike and then proceed to eat all of it, choking it down. No, when we go through the buffet line it is so much fun as we put only those things on our plates that we like. If we have never tried it, we might put a sample on our plate to try it, if we do not like it, the next time we go through the line, we will not choose to place it on our plate. If however we do like it, the next time we go through the line we might put a larger helping on our plate.

Can you think of your life in this way? We were meant to. With each new thing, person, or place that comes into our lives, it is like taking a sample and we have the option of choosing to experience it more often or we make the decision not to. So often, many people continue to put things on their plates, forcing themselves to eat what they do not like and then going back for more. When you continue to experience people or situations in your life that do not serve you well, you are giving away your power. When you take the discomfort in internally in small increments, you may not notice the negative emotions at first, but with each time you take an emotional hit with negative emotions, it is like building blocks within. Over time one will easily develop depression or even dis-ease within your body, stemming from unknowingly giving away your power from within.

We are such incredibly powerful creators of our own life experience, we are so free to choose, some create bondage without realizing they are doing so. Since we have never been told this by previous generations, who have never been told, we are simply unaware of the purpose of our emotions within our life. Our emotions are our guidance from within and when you do not listen to them, the negative emotion becomes greater. When you come across an experience that does not feel good and you feel a negative emotion within, that is your guidance, your own personal GPS saying, “You are not seeing this situation as the source within you sees this.” It is time for all of us to remember who we really are, not the diminished beings we have been told or lead to believe, it is time to purposefully begin to choose better and better feeling thoughts. We are meant to live a life full of happiness, joy, love and eager anticipation.

It is time to stop chasing after the dreams of others and begin to find your inner bliss within. I cannot think of a more perfect time to contemplate finding your bliss than the beginning of a new year. It is not something you must purchase, it is not something you must chase after, it is not something you need to do for others. In this quiet contemplation, turning inward, becoming still, taking a few minutes a day, to simply close your eyes and breathe on purpose, finding that calm center within each of us that feels like home. To begin to notice the beauty within your life right now,turning your attention away from what does not feel good, you have the ability to create a life full of meaning, purpose and more joy than you have ever experienced before within your life experience. YOU have the power from within to do this. It is time for this paradigm shift to take place and you are all you need to begin this journey. Happy New Year my friends.



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