“Just Imagine”

Oh how I LOVE the sync within my life, I do, I do, I do. Life is always showing us evidence of what we are thinking and believing from within. Which is why, when you believe a certain way and then it shows up in your experience via Law of Attraction, we say, “See! It’s TRUE!” Law of attraction states, That which is like unto itself is drawn. So, when you hold a thought and then it becomes a belief of yours, law of attraction brings it to you, no exceptions. So as what you believe is brought to you, you then proclaim it to the world as your truth, it is a reality.

So let’s break that down, you have a thought, you think it so often it becomes a belief you hold, which becomes your truth, that then becomes a manifested reality for all to see. Law of attraction is always faithful, law of attraction holds no judgment, it simply brings to you, that which you believe, it does not make a distinction if it is good for you or bad for you, it simply brings you that which you believe. So when you have a worry or concern about something and then it shows up in your experience, you say to those watching, “See, I knew I should have been worried about that!” “I knew that was going to happen!” Not recognizing the powerful creator that you are, simply by your focus, your attention to it, you brought it into being. The more powerful your focus, positive or negative, the more amplified or the bigger your manifestation.

This morning as I awoke, excited for the day, pondering all that I have going on this week, excited for it to unfold. Thrilled for this New Year, Connor and I made coffee together. I was eager to sit and watch the Rose Parade. They announced it is the 123 Rose Parade, on 1/2/12 and this years theme, “Just Imagine”, I smiled broadly. The Universe is doing its best to get our attention, well-being is a natural state of being unless you are focusing on negative thoughts that do not serve you, which means you are pinching off well-being in your experience. The Universe shows us so much that is in sync with harmony, with ease, with a natural, progressive unfolding. Reminding us that everything that comes into our lives is an opportunity for growth and expansion, how we perceive it, how we choose to see it, because of our free will is always our choice. You can choose to see the diagnosis of anything many would call a disability or disease as negative or you can choose to see the positive. Either way our ever faithful law of attraction will bring you proof in your belief. I choose to view everything in a positive way, imagine all of us viewing life in a positive way……Just Imagine ~


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