Imagination ~

Our imagination is a gift to us. When I was a child, I was a dreamer. When anything became difficult for me to process or I became bored, my imagination took over. It was not considered appropriate for me to day-dream, especially while in class where it seems I was always bored unless it was a subject I was passionate about. Now as an adult, I have had to learn to day-dream and imagine once again. It seems, even as a child I was a visionary.

I now know our imaginations are a gift for us to imagine our lives into BEing which is why when I was bored, my natural inclination was to daydream anything that felt better. When something comes into our experience that we do not like, causing a negative emotion no matter how mild or extreme that negative emotion is, if we ask ourselves what it is we do want or what is preferred, we can them use our imaginations to dream our preference into being.

So, how about for today, do what you need to do and then when you have some time dream, dream, dream, check within at how it makes you feel when you give yourself permission to dream. Have a conversation with your child about dreaming, even if many words are not offered, find the feeling place of what they are interested in. Listen with your ears or in your observation to your children more often and follow their lead, they still remember the game plan for creating a wonderful life experience until well-meaning adults demand it out of them! Imagine that!


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